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Privafy CloudEdge
Secure access to the cloud from anywhere

Access data and applications in the cloud with confidence

With Privafy CloudEdge, your business can connect to any cloud, physical work environments, or mobile devices with confidence, control access to critical applications and data in the cloud, and enforce security policies consistently as your data moves between the cloud and on-premise environments. And because CloudEdge automates these security services, manual errors are virtually eliminated.

Security for private, public, and hybrid cloud environments

Privafy CloudEdge is a cloud-native Security-as-a-Service solution that ensures secure connectivity between the cloud and your business—even if users are accessing your cloud applications from a non-secure network. As enterprises migrate their on-premises workloads in the cloud or add resiliency with cloud data centers, CloudEdge allows them to maintain secure connectivity between the two locations.

Built in the cloud, for the cloud

The new network deployments and cloud workgroups are cloud-born. As these deployments have no physical footprints, securing data-in-motion between users and cloud workloads is critical. CloudEdge allows users to securely access cloud-based data remotely from any mobile device, regardless of the source: enterprise traffic, IoT traffic, or remote access traffic. CloudEdge can be deployed at the edge of the enterprise or in the IoT hub to secure sensitive data flowing from the user/IoT device to its respective destination.

A managed security service offering for carriers and ISPs

CloudEdge allows the carriers and ISPs that provide business security services to provide end-to-end security for their users/subscribers. In a clientless deployment, Privafy CarrierEdge, hosted in the service provider’s distribution hubs, can direct traffic to CloudEdge using Absolute Encryption™ to the enterprise cloud/physical data centers. Similarly, in a deployment where the service provider offers NetEdgeConnect, the traffic can flow peer to peer in an Absolute Encryption channel directly to the CloudEdge in the data centers.

Supports all major cloud platforms

Privafy CloudEdge can be easily deployed in a physical data center, private cloud environment or public cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Security Features

  • Easy to install, CloudEdge provides secure connectivity between:
  • Mobile devices (Privafy AppEdge) and cloud applications/data
  • Physical networks and cloud applications/storage
  • Different public clouds in a multi-cloud deployment or different zones/virtual networks of the same cloud provider
  • Clone-proof: Established root-of-trust for security keys ensures that keys are unique and never exposed.

Product Specifications

  • Minimum Cloud Computing and Storage Requirements (Public and Private Cloud)
  • Small footprint (2 x vCPUs)
  • 4 GB memory (8 GB memory for private cloud)
  • 40 GB storage
  • Vertical scaling using multiple machine configurations to support different bandwidth and compute requirementsHybrid Multi-cloud Security
  • CloudEdge supports these cloud environments: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, private cloud (bare metal or VMs)
  • Redundancy using multiple instance in a cluster*
  • Supports mirrored deployment across redundant public/private cloud instances.* (Mirrored configuration support for multiple instances of CloudEdge. Allows easy manageability of redundant cloud deployments across multiple public/private clouds.)

Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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