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A Game-Changing Approach to Data Security
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Your business and your data are on the move. And that requires a level of security that, before now, could only be realized by the most sophisticated private infrastructures. The cost and complexity of these networks has put them out of reach for many organizations, leading to a rising incidence of serious security breaches.

Privafy brings full-stack security functionality to the cloud. Delivered as an integrated cloud-based service, we’re able to ensure more rigorous, more comprehensive Data-in-Motion (and data-at-rest) security than even the most advanced legacy systems—at a fraction of the cost, and with none of the complexity.

Under the leadership of a world-class team of networking and security professionals with a strong track record in large-scale enterprise security, Privafy is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

A Note from Our CEO

The reality of digital adoption has settled in. Businesses are now able to work smarter, better and faster. In this new landscape, however, sensitive data will continue to move beyond the four walls of your business. Privafy has created a new approach to data security that simplifies the way businesses of every size protect themselves from Data-in-Motion related threats.

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Our Leadership Team

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