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Managed Security Service Providers:

It's simple – Privafy can help you increase your service practice and your revenue.

Privafy's cloud-based managed security services are built for your business. Our comprehensive, fully integrated Zero-Trust/ZeroTouch service delivers robust protection and privacy and is easy to deploy and manage.

Privafy's managed services can be used to better monetize your offerings at higher margins while creating sticker client engagements and generating lucrative monthly recurring revenues.

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The global managed security services market is expected to grow to USD 76.29 Billion by 2030, driven by digital information generation and the growing trend of BYOD and IoT devices.

What makes Privafy different

Cloud-based – Privafy's Zero-Trust, Zero-Touch managed security services are continually updated for increasing efficiency. Services are quickly deployed and managed from a multi-tenant, centralized dashboard designed for managed service providers.

Speed and Scalability – No single vendor can match the ability of Privafy's comprehensive security to scale linearly to handle traffic growth and deliver multi-cloud redundancy. No matter how fast your clients grow or how far their networks reach, Privafy will make sure your services are ready for them.

Low latency – The service has the lowest traffic latency with all security enforcement, encryption, and decryption (when needed), adding less than 2ms to the total transit time required by real-time business-critical applications and IoT edge devices that run on 5G networks.

Better tools – Manage all your customers' deployments with a centralized, multi-tenant PartnerCentral dashboard. Use Privafy's APIs to build additional services for your customers. Easily extract SIEM/SOAR data to an existing SOC. And provide superior service without going on-site with our remote troubleshooting and automatic firmware updates.

Lucrative revenue model – Faced with ever-increasing cyberattacks, small, midsized, and large enterprises alike are willing to pay more for managed security services. Privafy's solutions help you deliver additional security services to them with high margins and excellent monthly recurring revenue opportunities.



CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) acts as an enforcement gateway between the users or enterprises and the cloud service provider. CASB enforces organizational security and access policies, identifies potential risks, and maintains compliancy – whenever, wherever, and however its data is accessed.


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Remote Desktop

Missing use case from Product

Remote Work

Remote work, or ‘Work from anywhere, is necessary for today’s business. But with today’s users working outside the physical perimeter with AWS, Office 365, G-Suite, private clouds, and BOYD, how can businesses protect their communications and sensitive business data?


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Secure Internet Access

Security is not just computer science – it’s also a mindset. Businesses and consumers need to know they can go online anytime without worrying about their security and, more importantly, their privacy.



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The Products

  • Simple SaaS pricing. Deploy in minutes.
  • Removes the complexity of traditional security appliances
  • No premise hardware appliance, so deployment is instant, and you can scale up or down as your security needs evolve
  • Security services are available in packaged bundles, month-to-month, per-user subscriptions securing three devices per user
  • SaaS services move your security budget from CAPEX to OPEX for pennies per day per user
  • A comprehensive, cloud-based security stack as a single integrated service
  • Privafy lets you replace current security appliances or phase them on your own time
Featured Products
Use AppEdge to ensure point-to-point encrypted communications between devices, networks, apps, and clouds. Learn More
Create a secure connection to cloud-based apps between devices, enterprise networks, and cloud environments.
With CPEConnect, you can reconfigure outdated or unpatched IPsec-enabled routers, gateways, or modems to deliver real-time security from Privafy.

Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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