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Privafy AppEdge
A mobile security app for data-in-motion from any device

Security for a world in motion

With more people than ever working from home, enterprises must adopt a zero trust network stance. AppEdge allows enterprises to secure data-in-motion on mobile and fixed devices beyond their corporate firewall with a simple, powerful security app. With AppEdge, workers can easily establish a secure, encrypted connection to the corporate network or hosted/private cloud from any device: smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, and more.

A secure point-to-point connection

AppEdge protects business communications by establishing a secure point-to-point connection between Privafy CloudEdge and any authorized mobile/remote device. Multifactor authentication ensures that only authorized AppEdge users can establish a connection with their business’ network or cloud environment. Enterprise network policies are enforced during the connection to prevent users from accessing unauthorized files.

Enterprise-class security in an app

With enterprise-class security features such as content inspection, AppEdge prevents users from accidentally or intentionally transmitting malicious traffic while they’re connected to a network. AppEdge integrates easily with Active Directory to allow enterprises to enforce role-based access controls for a large, distributed workforce.

AppEdge is also great for IoT devices

IoT vendors can easily integrate AppEdge with their devices to allow data to flow securely from IoT devices—even when accessing the network over a non-secure channel such as public Wi-Fi. This effectively eliminates any chance of data leakage or unauthorized access to IoT devices.


Security Features

  • Active Directory-based authentication
  • Clone-proof architecture
  • Dynamic NetEdgeConnect/CloudEdge connectivity
  • Multiple platform and operating system support
  • Apple iPhones (iOS v15 and higher)
  • Android devices (Android v8.0 Oreo and higher)
  • Apple MacBooks (macOS v10.15 and higher)
  • Windows devices (Windows 10 and higher)
  • Two-way encrypted communications (when used with NetEdgeConnect/CloudEdge)

Product Specifications

  • To download and use AppEdge on your device:
  • Install the AppEdge application on your device.
  • Enter your email address and activation code* for verification when prompted on the main AppEdge screen. (*You should have received the activation code from your administrator.)
  • Verify the email by clicking the verification link in your email. The administrator will receive a notice to approve it.
  • Once the administrator approves your request, you’re ready to connect securely to your CarrierEdge- or CloudEdge-secured network.

Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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