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Privafy CarrierEdge
Security-as-a-Service delivered from your network's edge

Don’t miss out on the managed security services opportunity

Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) is a multibillion market opportunity for carriers and Internet service providers – provided they can deliver convenient, comprehensive security services at the right price point. With CarrierEdge, they can.

CarrierEdge delivers a complete security solution that sits at the network edge, providing full security services to network subscribers without requiring any client-side hardware or software. Subscribers simply activate the service on their devices, and CarrierEdge immediately begins protecting their data-in-motion will full encryption, advanced security services (see our security features below) and customer-specific policy enforcement.

Security that customers can trust

CarrierEdge features a unique data privacy architecture that protects carriers and their customers from data breaches and information theft. Because customers retain control of their privacy keys in this architecture, carriers never “see” customer data as it passes through their network. And because carriers don’t store the customer’s data, they don’t need to take the costly measures to protect a customer’s data at rest.

Seamless integration with your existing security systems

CarrierEdge doesn’t require complex setup or integration. It works seamlessly with your existing SIEM or SOAR platform, importing logs, network insights and subscriber-level data directly into your security system for a holistic view of security across your network.

Comprehensive security at a fraction of the cost

CarrierEdge is a complete, end-to-end SECaaS solution that combines Privafy’s patented technology (e.g., automated key rotation) with standards-based security features to provide full protection for data-in-motion. CarrierEdge allows home and business subscribers to get professional security at an affordable price, with flexible licensing that scales seamlessly as their needs change.

Security Features Include

  • Advanced encryption for data-in-motion
  • Advanced firewall
  • Anti-phishing
  • Automated key rotation
  • AI-enhanced content inspection
  • AI-enhanced data loss prevention
  • DoS/DDoS protection
  • Download limit controls
  • Guest access controls (based on bandwidth, priority, downloads, etc.)
  • AI-enhanced inbound/outbound security
  • Intrusion detect/prevention system
  • IoT device security
  • IP masking
  • Location masking
  • Parental controls
  • Port forwarding
  • Traffic restrictions (including priority, time, day, etc.)
  • Web filtering

Product Specifications

Private Carrier Cloud:

  • Runs on bare-metal servers
  • Intel x86-based servers
  • 4U chassis with 2 x 10 Gbps redundant connections (with multiple chassis for expansion)
  • Supports optical and electrical SFPs

Hyperscale Edge Cloud:

  • Runs as service on hyperscale edge cloud
  • Supports AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Extensible to other edge cloud architectures
  • Auto-scaling via virtual machines
  • Leverages underlying network scaling architecture of edge cloud

Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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