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A complete & growing menu of cloud-based services

A complete security stack delivered from the cloud

Privafy’s cloud-based portfolio of products delivers a full security stack as a service, replacing hardware- and software-based security with simple, easy-to-use, and innovative services. Privafy protects data-in-motion as it moves between networks, devices, and the cloud. It safeguards networks against cyber attacks, phishing, and other cyber threats. And it does all this for a fraction of the cost of your current security stack.

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Advanced, patented technologies included

Privafy solutions feature advanced, proprietary technologies that aren’t available anywhere else. For example, our Absolute Encryption™ schema defends against “man-in-the-middle” or unauthorized snooping attacks. Our patented endpoint identity protection guards against endpoint cloning. And our new Impervious Firewall™ technology delivers dynamic perimeter security with fine-grained rules for inbound and outbound control, plus deep content inspection for data loss prevention and comprehensive malware screening.

  • Cloud Firewall – Privafy CloudEdge
  • On-Prem Firewall – Privafy CloudEdge
  • Impervious Firewall, Dynamic session-based application access control
  • Compliance Protection – HIPPA, PCU
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Redundancy support with. clustering
  • Baremetal/Hypervisors (Add-on)
  • Standard based on Privafy selected threat databases
  • Standard Privafy polices and actions including block and notify
  • AI-driven augmentation of threat databases (Add-on)
  • Privafy proprietary site-based DoS & DDoS detection and mitigation
  • Pre-emptive network-wide DoS & DDoS prevention rules*
  • Customer selected threat databases (Add-on)
  • Custom provided policies and actions (Add-on)
  • Standard Privafy dictionaries
  • Advanced Privafy dictionaries (Add-on)
  • AI-based traffic flow anomaly detection (Add-on)
  • Customer supplied policies (Add-on)
  • Traffic Prioritized by Application-Static
  • Traffic Prioritized by Application-Dynamic
  • Traffic Prioritized by Destination and Geography
  • Policy-based bandwidth allocation
  • Customer supplied user-traffic steering policy (Source/Cloud)
  • Customer provided dictionaries for routing policies
  • Network analytics and visibility of traffic
  • Real-time network analytics and visibility of traffic
  • Real-time network visibility at the edge level
  • Real time network visibility at the edge and user level*
  • Cloud application and SaaS application visibility -CASB*
  • Advanced health stats and reporting*
  • Advanced health stats and weekly reporting for network insights*
  • Intra-LAN traffic and broadcast detection and classification*
  • Non-degrading encryption at line-rate
  • Privafy proprietary concurrent multi-key encryption
  • Zero-Touch Encryption Key Management
  • Key Management using hyperledger
  • Intelligent profile assignment, validation and activation
  • Web classification and reputation
  • IP reputation
  • Anti-phishing
  • Traffic flow monitoring and policy enforcement using intelligent DNS
    • Application*
    • Geography
    • File Type*
    • URL
    • Destination IP Address
    • Protocols*
    • Ports
  • Cloud Application and SaaS application controls – CASB*
  • AI-based detection of anomalous outbound traffic patterns  (Add-on)
  • Malicious URL steering*
  • Secure Peer-to-Peer remote access to workloads — cloud/physical
  • Secure access to SaaS applications -CASB*
  • Clone-proof
  • Multiple platform and operating system support
    • Apple iOS V 13 (minium)
    • Apple macOS V 10.12 (minium)
    • Android V 8.0 Oreo (minium)
    • Windows v 10 (minium)
  • Policy-based connectivity for optimal routing
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • SSL-Standard dictionaries and self-identified site ratings
  • SSL-Customer supplied policies
  • SSL-AI augmented dictionaries and ratings
  • Payload inspection using Privafy Immediate Root Certificate
  • Standard Privafy dictionaries based policies
  • AI-augmented dictionaries and ratings (Add-on)
  • Sandbox and Quarantine of unknown and suspicious content (Add-on)
  • Customer supplied policies(Add-on)
  • Unified network security policy management
  • Unified network security policy management at user level*
  • Categorization of alerting and alarms by severity and actionable
  • Multiple administrator profiles and permissions for policy controls*
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Google Suite Directory*
  • Audit trails for system and user activity
  • Rest APIs
    • Integration with Enterprise Data visualization systems*
    • Event logging
    • Alerting
The capabilities show above are now available now or. coming very soon. Check back regularly to see what new features we've added

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