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Privafy Mobile App
Privafy's app comes with comprehensive security and privacy to protect your family and your business

Privacy and Security for a Connected World

In today’s work from anywhere, communicate everywhere world, every internet connection should be secured with Zero-Trust protection. The Privafy App provides an encrypted, always-on connection– each user’s own Virtual Private Network (VPN) that safeguards family or business users from cyberattacks, malware, email eavesdropping, and more.

The App has a subscription service plan – ConnectAssured  – for everyone, whether you’re a consumer, a business, or both.

The Privafy App is easy to download and install on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows and is provisioned instantly with secure internet access and protect data and communications privacy — anywhere in the world.

What makes Privafy Connect Assured Mobile App different?

Simple subscription pricing

ThePrivafy App with ConnectAssured provides a single, integrated solution for online threat protection. Simple subscription pricing. The service deploys in minutes. Privafy’s App with the ConnectAssured service removes the complexity and burden of having to download, configure and manage multiple different security apps for your mobile device.

Secure point-to-point connections

ConnectAssured protects communications and data for businesses and families by establishing a secure, point-to-point connection between Privafy CarrierEdge/CloudEdge. Enterprise network policies are enforced during the connection to prevent users from accessing unauthorized files for business accounts, whereas parental control security policies are implemented for a retail consumer account. Multifactor authentication ensures that only authorized users can establish a relationship with their business network or cloud environment.

Advanced Parental Control

The ConnectAssured mobile App also enables users to set parental controls to limit their children’s browsing times, destinations, content, and social media usage. It protects families from cyberattacks, bullying, ransomware, malware, email eavesdropping, and more. Users are easily added or deleted, and permissions can be adjusted separately for each person.

Enterprise-grade security in an app

With enterprise-grade security features such as content inspection, ConnectAssured prevents users from accidentally or intentionally transmitting malicious traffic while connected to a network.

The Service

Key Product Benefits
ConnectAssured Consumer
Connect Assured Business

Security Features

  • Safe Internet Browsing – secure access to the internet from anywhere.
  • Protection from Malware, Phishing, Malicious URLs – through automatic filters
  • Set Easy Strict / Moderate / Lenient Security Profile settings – with an option for further customization.
  • Web Guard – automatically blocks predefined websites based on profile settings.
  • Safe Search – blocks inappropriate content.
  • Schedule-based Internet Access Time Control.
  • Instant Block – Immediate block of device activities (i.e. applications).
  • Region-based Block – This allows parents/users to filter out specific regions or countries based.
  • Report & Alerts – Detailed summaries of each user’s online activities for the last month, with options to apply filters for one day, week, etc.
  • User Controls
    • Add or delete members to the account
    • View threats originated and mitigated from a member’s device
    • View violations against configured settings from a member’s device.
    • View Threat and Violation details and counts
  • Configure Block/Allow Rules
    • Specify app types to block or allow
    • Specify web domain names to block or allow
    • Specify regions to block or allow
  • Apple iPhones (Apple iOS v13 or higher)
  • Android devices (Android v9.0 or higher)

Product Specifications

  • Download and install ConnectAssured on any mobile device available on the app stores
  • Self-subscribe each user with their email or the mobile number
  • Activate account with multi-factor authentication
  • Once activated, the user can connect directly to your secured network.