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Privafy MicroEdge
Powerful security in a micro-sized form factor

Powerful security in a micro-sized form factor

With the arrival of 5G will come a wave of billions of Internet-connected devices, known collectively as the Internet of Things (IoT). These IoT devices will serve a dizzying array of applications, from airplane sensors to heart monitors to virtual reality headsets. Despite their different applications, IoT devices share a common need for secure data-in-motion. MicroEdge delivers that security in a micro-sized footprint so small that it can be embedded on a semiconductor chip.

From smart locks to tiny sensors

IoT devices have unique design considerations in terms of their size and power consumption. MicroEdge is built specifically for this environment, with a micro-sized form factor that allows IoT device manufacturers to embed MicroEdge in a wide variety of devices, from smart locks to tiny sensors.

Better encryption to protect data-in-motion

Unlike traditional SSL-based encryption, which has known vulnerabilities, MicroEdge features Privafy’s patented Absolute Encryption™ technology. This delivers two-way encryption to protect data-in-motion between IoT devices and data centers via IoT gateways and hubs.

Simple, affordable security for IoT device manufacturers

MicroEdge integrates easily with IoT devices and drives down the cost of IoT security with a pre-validated, standards-based security solution for data-in-motion. Because MicroEdge is controlled in the cloud, IoT device manufacturers don’t have to worry about maintaining security updates. Privafy automatically pushes security updates to connected devices through the Internet.

Security Features

  • Service provisioning
    • Certificate authorities
    • Certificate revocation lists
    • Device identity certificates
    • One-step device onboarding
    • Validate device attestation certificate
    • Issue new edge identity certificate
    • Link edge device to service provider/OEM
    • Absolute Encryption featuring secure peer-to-peer connectivity
    • Auto OEM-controlled services
    • Data visibility and analytics (incl. predictive analytics)
    • Device lifecycle management
    • Open, scalable architecture

Product Specifications

  • 1-Step Device onboarding
  • Validate Device Attestation Certificate
  • Issue New Edge Identity Certificate
  • Link Edge Device to Service provider/OEM
  • Open Scalable Architecture
  • Auto OEM Controlled Services
  • Absolute EncryptionTM
    • Secure peer-to-peer connectivity
  • Data Visibility and Analytics
    • Predictive Analytics
  • Device Lifecycle Management

Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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