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Security for all your
Privafy consolidates your legacy security stack and infrastructure into a comprehensive, cloud-native security-as-a-service.

There’s no hardware to deploy or manage, and no need to maintain, patch, or upgrade software. With Privafy, getting started is simple. You can deploy our services in minutes and quickly scale or augment your security as your needs change.

Privafy CarrierEdge

Perimeter-based data security is archaic. As data moves across various transit points, the need for an omnipresent security layer and consistent security policies at the subscriber/remote system level is critical. CarrierEdge delivers a complete security solution that sits at the network edge, providing full security services to network subscribers without requiring any client-side hardware or software.

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Key Product Benefits
Enables Carriers to Expand their TAM
Inbound data in motion security including IDS/IPS & firewalls. Outbound data in motion security data exfiltration. Secure remote access.
Flexible Support for All Service Providers
Software deployed on CarrierEdge Clouds. Carrier-class, scalable systems deployed at the access edge networks. No additional CPE requirements.
Superior Security Model
Leverages carrier’s existing network for higher efficacy. Customers retain control over their private keys.

Privafy CloudEdge

Secure cloud connectivity is a priority for today’s digital businesses. The ability to securely access applications and data in any cloud environment is essential to productivity and operational agility. The transition to the cloud from a hybrid environment is challenged by the control and visibility of the data. With CloudEdge, your business can connect to any cloud, physical work environments, or mobile devices with confidence.

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Key Product Highlights
Secure connectivity between the cloud and your business—even if users are accessing your cloud applications from a non-secure network.
Cloud migration
Secure connectivity to physical locations ensures ease of migration.
Flexible deployment
Available to be deployed in public or private clouds. Ideal for deployments in physical locations for protecting enterprise networks.

Privafy AppEdge

As remote work becomes the new normal, the need to re-think remote worker security is paramount. It’s a reality that not all remote workers are accessing applications and data from secure networks or using strong passwords, which exposes business data to man-in-the-middle attacks and other cyber threats. Privafy AppEdge helps maintain a zero trust network posture with data-in-motion security for any device, anywhere.

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Key Product Highlights
Remote Access
Ensures secure access to business applications and data, from anywhere.
AppEdge runs on all recent versions of Apple (iOS/MacOS), Android, and Windows.
Bring your own device (BYOD) friendly
Allows security policy segmentation between personal and office traffic for the right mix of privacy and security.

Privafy NetEdgeConnect

The network perimeter has disappeared. As data-in-motion is exposed to more places, on more devices, and through more applications, the ability to consistently and flexibly apply security policies is critical. NetEdgeConnect is cloud-based security software that can be easily installed on any ISP- or carrier-owned router to deliver-real time security across a wide range of enterprise and consumer devices.

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Key Product HIghlights
Granular Controls for higher security
User-and device-level security policies. Secure encryption for first/last mile. Office LAN or residential network classifications.
Simple, app-based enforcement for parental controls. Highly sophisticated security for home networks deployed at the access edge. Ideal for remote worker environments.
Carriers/ISPs can embed NetEdgeConnect in customer premise equipment (CPE) for premium security services. Lightweight software for integration with routers, avoiding multiple boxes.

Privafy MicroEdge

IoT devices will serve a dizzying array of applications, from airplane sensors to heart monitors to virtual reality headsets. Despite their different applications, IoT devices share a common need for secure data-in-motion. MicroEdge delivers that security in a micro-sized footprint so small that it can be embedded on a semiconductor chip.

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Key Product Benefits
Embedded security for IoT devices
Architected to be embedded in any IoT device. Semiconductor chip integration makes any IoT device clone-proof through a hardware chain of trust.
Always-on, secure connection to the cloud
Cloud-based security management lifecycle. Automatically updates security rules and policies to MicroEdge.
Zero configuration
Auto-discovery and root of trust for authentication and configuration of the IoT device, on any network. Accelerate large-scale deployment of IoT devices.


PrivafyCentral delivers real-time security information across all your Privafy products in a single, easy-to-use pane of glass. With PrivafyCentral, you can monitor and manage security incidents and events, orchestrate security responses, track historical activity, and more through a browser-based dashboard that can be securely accessed from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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Key Product Benefits
Single pane of glass
Provides control, administration, and real-time visibility into data-in-motion security threats and events across all Privafy security products.
SIEM & SOAR capabilities
Increase your security team’s effectiveness while mitigating cyber threats and attacks.
API's for integration
APIs make integration with customer billing and care systems easier for carriers and ISPs.

Want to simplify—and strengthen—your security, eliminate deployment complexity, and slash expenses associated with ineffective legacy solutions? Let’s talk.

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