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Security Brief
How do you teach kids good online habits?

The Answer: Privafy's App with Parental Control

Privafy's advanced parental controls give parents more control over their child's use of the internet and devices. Like the ability to block content and harmful or inappropriate sites that kids may visit.

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Privafy App Features Include

Screen Time

Set healthy boundaries with custom screen time limits per day, per hour, and calendar. Easily configured from the app’s dashboard right on your phone.

Block Content, Websites or Apps

Customize what’s out of bounds for each family member. Limit or restrict access to websites, apps, games, social media, etc.


Keep Online Activities Private

Activate the built-in VPN to keep family data private from bad actors and block dangerous phishing sites to prevent them from accessing your valuable personal information.

Monitor Activities, View Threats and Alerts

Receive automatic alerts and notifications of threats we stopped in real-time when Privafy’s algorithms and threat databases detect potential risks.

Weekly or Monthly
Summary Reports

Receive detailed reports on what your kids are doing online and receive them in your Inbox.

Mobile Device

Privafy’s app automatically detects, mitigates, to stops threats by securing your devices. Protecting yours from malware, ransomware, and more.

Easy to Use

Stay engaged with your kid’s online activity. Manage protection for your kids’ devices with the easy-to-use dashboard on your mobile device.

the App

The Privafy App with Parental Control is available from the AppStore or Google Play Store.

  1. Install the Privafy App on your iOS or Android devices
  2. Set healthy limits for bedtime or whenever downtime is needed
  3. Select the sites, apps, games, etc. you wish to block
  4. Relax; we’ll alert you if and when your child attempts to visit a blocked site or app

Watch our video on how to set up our App.



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